Creating Gloriously Ordinary Lives

“There is a plan and a purpose, a value to every life, no matter what its location, age, gender or disability.”

Sharron Angle

Workshops &

How I can help

From small workshops to events for several hundred people, I can design and facilitate to help you agree a vision, facilitate a specific change, launch a new programme, or bring people together to plan or design services and support.

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People &

How I can help

Commissioners ask me to work directly with people and families to think about what it would take to get a gloriously ordinary life.

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How I can help

Health and social ‘problems’ can’t be resolved by either government, or public service professionals, or individual citizens alone, but are best tackled in genuine partnership. I can help you facilitate this.

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How I can help

Bespoke training in the area of person centred thinking and planning for frontline workers, managers, people and families.

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of disabled people are lonely


of all children in the uk are disabled


of the uk population will experience a mental health issue this year


of people with learning disabilities are not in paid employment

Just a gloriously ordinary life

Doing what it takes to get people gloriously ordinary lives should be pretty straightforward, after all its what most of us do in our own lives every day.

We have a policy framework across health, social care and education that actively promotes, and in some case requires choice, control, personalisation, personal budgets, co-production …and the list goes on. Yet we know that many older and disabled people, disabled children and young people are a million miles away from their gloriously ordinary life.

The daft thing is, getting people a gloriously ordinary life is actually pretty simple.

I hazard a guess that you’ve stumbled on my site because you’re looking for some help around one of those words …

Co-production — maybe you’re trying to work out exactly how to get a strong voice for people who use services and family carers whilst meeting the everyday demands of commissioning?

Person centred thinking — are you managing a group of staff who could do with a shake up, or who you know could fly if they had some creative input? Do you need to look again at your support planning process? Are you worried that your education, health and care plan process has lost its heart?

Personal budgets — are you commissioning services for individuals, or groups of people that you know are not getting gloriously ordinary lives and whose support is probably hugely expensive? Are you the loved one of someone who needs to get a gloriously ordinary life?

You’re in the right place.

“There’s a pleasure in being reminded of the value of ordinary life.”

Karen Thompson Walker

Here’s how I can help

Hi, my name is Tricia Nicoll.

Still not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up …but meanwhile happy to fill my time doing my best to change the world.

Recovering Civil Servant, trainer, facilitator, change maker, agitator.

Uncompromising in my belief in the power of inclusion.

I work with organisations, people and families by designing and facilitating workshops, working directly with people and families, facilitating co-production and delivering bespoke training.

  • Passionate about helpling get gloriously ordinary lives
  • Cat Lover
  • Sun worshipper
  • Red Wine Appreciator

"Tricia came into our lives when we attended a couple of workshops with Devon council. She turned our family’s life around and made us think outside the box.

Instead of accepting what was on offer by external services, she asked us what we wanted for our child and for our family. Then she helped us work out what we had to do to get it.

When you think this way you can really make things happen. We now have a child that is happier and enjoying life more than we ever thought possible and we are doing more things as a family than before. Instead of our child having to go to respite every week for 2 nights, he is at home and he is doing things he loves.

We are not saying it’s always easy, but now he sleeps all night, his life is better and so is our family’s……and the silly thing about it is that a lot of families could do the same."

Lyndon Harvey,


"After seeing Tricia facilitate a large national event creatively, managing a range of stakeholders to achieve the events outcomes, I knew that I wanted to work with her.

I asked Tricia to design a series of workshops to deliver a complex agenda to a varied range of stakeholders. Tricia’s adaptability , creativity, competence and knowledge makes working with her a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I was confident that the events would run smoothly and that participants would get what they needed.

Kate Buffery
Senior Programme Manager Personalisation Wheelchair Services
Integrated Personal Commissioning and personal health budget Team
NHS England


"Tricia offers facilitation that is carefully planned to meet the aspirations of the host and that enables everyone contributing do their best work.

She has a style that is sophisticated and stylish with a great attention to detail. I would recommend her for any work where authenticity is needed.

Her work is grounded in strong values and she is an honest critical friend with focus on solutions."

Samantha Clark
Local Area Co-ordination Network

"Tricia has been a partner and associate of In Control since it began. She has always supported us with advice as a knowledgeable associate and provides fantastic service and work delivery.
Tricia is always quick to respond to what we need.

Tricia's work has ranged from supporting individuals and councils in coordination of planning or working through complex issues to organising and facilitating large events (100 plus people).

Tricia shares strong ethical values around inclusion, human rights & independent living. I strongly recommend her for anyone who needs a good and reliable associate who remains people focused."

Julie Stansfield
In Control