Workshops & Events

People ask me to work with them to design and facilitate events – from small workshops to whole systems events for several hundred people.

You might want to agree a vision, facilitate a specific change, launch a new programme, or bring people together to plan or design services and support.

I have worked with and for Central Government Departments Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities, providers, third sector, disabled people’s and user-led organisations.

What you’ll get is an innovative approach to facilitation that can really get a group to gel and make progress. I have a particular expertise in working in a way that enables mixed groups of people to work together effectively.

I bring an approach that both creates a safe space and challenges people to re-frame their ideas. We will start by agreeing what it is you want to achieve (you’d be surprised how many people just want to put on an event without thinking about why!) and then we will work together to agree clear outcomes, design a process and make sure we have the right people in the room.

I usually include a design session, bringing together a few people who represent the range of people who will be participating in the event, so we can make sure that everyone’s aspirations are met and everyone can contribute.

I will take care of producing all the materials for the event; designing publicity, putting together an event pack and producing a range of tools to help people learn and get the most from their time together.

After the event I will collate and share the materials from the day in a format that we agree; anything from a traditional report to photographs or a presentation that captures the essence of the day.